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TAM Technology Instructional Resources
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About the TAM Technology Instructional Resources
The TAM Technology Instructional Resources Initiative and why it's needed
Steering committee and advisory board
How to become a partner
How to contribute to this site
Credits and disclaimers
Provide feedback and recommendations

Technology Fundamental Concepts

Types of technology
The technology continuum
Glossary of technology terms

Assistive Technology Information and Resources

What is assistive technology?
Assistive technology legal mandates
A functional approach to assistive technology
Consideration of assistive technology in IEP meetings
Quality indicators for delivering assistive technology services
NATRI - The National Assistive Technology Research Institute
Links to online assistive technology resources
Videos about assistive technology devices
Locate assistive devices

Technology Instruction in Special Education Personnel Preparation Programs

Case study on integration of technology into a special education teacher preparation program
Model to guide development of pre-service and in-service technology instructional programs
Technology competency lists and self-assessment instruments
Promising pre-service technology instructional practices
Syllabi for special education technology courses
Lesson plans for technology units that can be used in courses or in-service programs
Technology instructional modules
PowerPoint presentations on technology applications in special education
Promising in-service technology professional development practices
Institutions of higher education that offer specialized technology instructional programs

Online Technology Instructional Resources

Assistive Technology Training Online
Research Institute for Assistive and Training Technology (RIATT)
The Online Academy technology units and lessons

Print and Multimedia Technology Instructional Resources

Annotated bibliographies of technology articles
Bibliographies of technology books and reports
Journals that focus on technology applications
Multimedia technology instructional products

Organizations that Address Technology Issues

ASHA - American Speech Language and Hearing Association
ISTE - International Society on Technology in Education
RESNA - Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America
TAM - Technology and Media Division of the Council for Exceptional Children
TED - Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children

Discussion Forums on Instruction about Technology

The operation and improvement of this Web site
Issues about technology instruction in special education teacher preparation programs
Providing technology instruction for students in special education doctoral programs
Technology instruction for administrators
Issues about in-service technology professional development programs
Technology instruction for interdisciplinary teams
Issues related to online instruction and professional certification

Search Online Databases for Technology Information

Search for technology literature using the ERIC system
Search for legal information about technology
Search for legislation about technology
Search for federal resources related to technology
Search ABLEDATA for information about assistive devices
Search for information about assistive devices using the Adaptive Device Locator System

Evaluating Special Education Technology Instructional Programs

A model for planning evaluation of technology instructional programs
Technology instruction evaluation forms and instruments
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