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Description and Instructions

Resources for Integrating Instruction about Technology into Special Education
Pre-Service Personnel Preparation Programs and In-Service Professional Development Programs

This is a proof of concept prototype that displays topics that could be posted on this site.
Underlined items are links to pages and online resources to illustrate various features projected for the site.

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About the TAM Technology Instructional Resources Initiative
Technology Fundamental Concepts
Assistive Technology Information and Resources
Technology Instruction in Special Education Personnel Preparation Programs
Online Technology Instructional Resources
Print and Multimedia Technology Resources
Organizations that Address Technology Issues
Discussion Forums on Instruction about Technology
Search Online Databases for Technology Information
Evaluating Special Education Technology Instructional Programs
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The TAM Technology Instructional Resources Web Site is maintained in partnership with the
Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at the University of Kentucky.

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 Updated March 10, 2002